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GE Sensing offer reliable Moisture analyzers, Flue Gas Analyzers, Oxygen Analyzers,H2 Analyzers and preferred by customers for various applications. GE’s experience in moisture measurement includes laser, aluminum oxide, polymer capacitance and chilled mirror sensors.


  • Moisture measurement in HC feed in gas or liquid phase using Al2O3 technology
  • Moisture in NGL/LPG/ Natural Gas using LASER technology
  • Flue Gas Measurement in Boilers/Heaters
  • H2 measurement in cooling generator/recycle gas
  • Oxygen measurement in storage tanks/feed gas/cylinder filling...and many more

Aurora TDLAS Hygrometer

GE’s Aurora analyzer uses tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) to measure moisture in natural gas rapidly and accurately. The analyzer is suitable for installation in hazardous areas and operates over a wide range of environmental conditions. Aurora’s fast response quickly alerts and documents when moisture concentrations are out of compliance. Once process upsets are corrected and the gas dries out, the fast response enables natural gas to be cleared for entry into the “energy grid.”

  • Fast Response: Detects process upsets in real-time
  • Precise: Assures both the buyer and seller that the gas quality meets contractual and tariff requirements
  • No cross sensitivity to glycols or other contaminants
  • Direct readout in lbs/mmscf, mg/m3, dew point or ppmv
  • Turnkey sampling system for measurement integrity
  • “Through-the-glass” programming with magnetic stylus. No “hot permit” needed.
  • Hazardous area certifications: cFMus Class I, Div 1, Groups C and D, ATEX & IECEx Ex de IIB T6
  • Three programmable 4-20mA signals—monitor gas quality 24X7
  • Two digital RS 485/232 ports with MODBUS RTU— direct connection to digital SCADA systems
  • Supplied with AuroraView software— enables remote readout, trend graphing and diagnostics
  • Reliable—designed for five years of continuous service before first factory service


Moisture Analyser – Aluminum Oxide

GE’s Panametrics line of aluminum oxide moisture analysers have set the standard of performance and value in industrial moisture measurement for more than 40 years. In use, the moisture probes are coupled to Panametrics hygrometer consoles by an interconnecting cable. The console can range from simple transmitter to a multi channel analyzer with various features benefitting to the customers. Ease of use, wide measurement range and rigorous calibration standards make these systems the preferred choice for industrial moisture measurement worldwide.


Gas Analysis Overview

Our reliable oxygen, hydrogen and flue gas analyzers improve process efficiency, optimize reactors and provide greater safetyassurance. Typical applications include O2 analysis for blanketing/inerting and vapor recovery in petrochemical applications.

H2 analysis for hydrogen-cooled generators for power generation; and flue gas O2 and combustibles analysis for combustion efficiency applications.

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